Limitations of SAP Maintenance Planner

Limitations of SAP Maintenance Planner

What are the limitations of SAP Maintenance Planner?

Known Limitations of SAP Maintenance Planner: This information is extracted from the SAP Note 2174410 – Maintenance Planner: Known limitations. This note will be updated regularly, SAP working towards to resolve these ASAP in SAP Maintenance Planner.

Limitation for language support

The Maintenance Planner currently only supports English as a language.

Limitation in using Deployment Optimization Option feature

The undeployment of java product Instance Adobe Document Services is not supported as of now.

Limitation within verification

In some situations, the result of auto-correction measures are incorrect. In case of issues in the verifcation of one of your systems, please create an incident with SAP support using category BC-UPG-MP

Limitation in persistence of product maintenance dependencies created in Maintenance Planner, if overwritten by LMDB system upload

The product maintenance dependencies created in Maintenance Planner are currently overwritten by the product system definition uploaded from LMDB.

Limitation in showing distributed Java systems in Explore Systems view

For distributed JAVA environment, only the database host is displayed in Explore Systems view, in column HOST, which should show up the central instance host. For ABAP distributed environment it is working correctly.

Limitation in synchronizing deleted systems from LMDB

The technical systems which are ramp down or deleted from LMDB need to be deleted manually in Maintenance Planner. Currently, there is no automatic synchronizations between LMDB and MP for removing deleted systems. It is also expected that the ramp down systems are deleted in LMDB, else, these data is written into Maintenance Planner again in the next landscape fetch job.

Limitation in calculating Java patches without Support Package Stack updates/upgrades

For Java technical systems, the Java patches can be calculated currently only during the planning of a Support Package Stack update/product version upgrade. A standalone functionality to calculate Java patches without planning an update/upgrade is currently not available.

The information is information extracted from SAP Note 2174410, please refer to following link for up-to-date information.

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