Could not load SSF library

Could not load SSF library


During usage of saplikey or other command line tools which maintain the SAP license (e.g. BR*Tools for Oracle) you receive the error:
Could not load SSF library

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saplikey, brbackup, br-tools,, sapsecu, sapsecu.dll,, sapcrypto, sapcrypto.dll, common cryptolib

Reason and Prerequisites

The hardcoded default to load the library for license check is set to
(lib)sapsecu.(dll|so), but in 740 there is only a (lib)sapcrypto.(dll|so) available.


The systems with kernel 740 and higher dont need (lib)sapsecu.(dll|so) library, but use always the (lib)sapcrypto.(dll|so) library, which is part of the kernel. It fully replaces the SSF library (lib)sapsecu.(dll|so), see note 1848999.

In case of standalone licence check there was one issue there the license check still requires to load sapsecu instead of sapcrypto. This is fixed with this note.
The kernel patch will be available with patch level mentioned in tab. “SP Patch Level.

However if you get this error in upgrade scenario, e.g. in brbrackup, then you need an update of the BR*Tools.

If you face this problem but your are dont able to download the mentioned kernel- and br- patches, you can simply copy the (lib)sapcrypto.(dll|so) to (lib)sapsecu.(dll|so), because both libraries have the same licence check functions inside.

Software Components
Software Component From To And Subsequent
KRNL64NUC 7.40 7.40
KRNL64UC 7.40 7.40
KERNEL 7.40 7.40
Support Package Patches
Software Component Support Package Patch Level Download
SAP KERNEL 7.40 64-BIT SP000 40
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Other Components BC-SEC-LIK Licence Key Administration
Other Components BC-DB-ORA-DBA Database Administration with Oracle


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