SAP FMAVC error messages pointing to invalid document items


You receive error messages from availability control, like the messages FMAVC005 or FMAVC008, which refer to document items with FM account assignments that do not correspond to the control objects mentioned in the message long text.

An important example for this behavior is the transfer of HR payroll data to FI, where the line numbering of the HR payroll document does not match the numbering of the generated FI document, which the FMAVC error messages refer to.

In summary, the FMAVC error messages point to document items, which do not match the line numbering of the visible document.


  • Financial Accounting (FI)
  • SAP R/3
  • SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7
  • SAP ERP Central Component
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP, version for SAP HANA
  • PSM-FM Add-On is active (transaction SFW5, EA-PS is on)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. You run transaction PC00_M31_CIPE or an equivalent transaction, depending on which HR country solution you are using.
  2. Subsequently you check the generated HR documents in transaction PCP0.
  3. You select a single document to see the list of lines related to this document.
  4. If you go to the bottom of the list, you see error messages like FMAVC005 or FMAVC008 referring to document items.
  5. In the long text of these error messages you see control objects which do not match the FM account assignments of the HR document lines, which these FMAVC messages seem to refer to.


This mismatch of the line numbering is a well-known feature of transactions like the HR payroll transfer to FI. The FMAVC error messages refer to line items of the FI document generated during the transfer of HR data to FI, but not to the numbering of the HR payroll document. FM availability control has no chance to know the numbering of the original document, here of the HR payroll document. Unfortunately this leads to confusion about the interpretation of the FMAVC error messages when looking at the line numbers of the visible document, in this example of the HR document in transaction PCP0.


To resolve the issue, SAP offers a BAdI as of Enhancement Pack 4 (EA-PS 604), which allows to remove the “useless” line reference for specific transactions like the HR transaction PCP0.

Attention: in most other transactions the line references are directly comparable to the visible document lines!

The BAdI is called BUAVC_CHANGE_MESSAGE (method AVC_CHANGE_MESSAGE) and allows to clear (or change) the line numbering for AVC messages issued in certain transactions.

As a result, the system will use other FMAVC messages which directly refer to the original FM account assignment of the posting document. For example, instead of messages FMAVC005 and FMAVC008 the message FMAVC002 will be issued.

Bear in mind that the control object mentioned in the long text of all FMAVC messages is always correct.

Therefore, if you are on a lower release than EA-PS 604 or if you don’t have plans to implement the BADI, you can always use transaction FMAVCR01 to display the available budget and all posting account assignments contributing to this control object.

This transaction allows you also to drilldown to the FM Document Journal, when you restrict the selection to the control object mentioned in the error message long text.

In summary, to be able to assign FMAVC error messages to the lines of the HR document in transaction PCP0, we recommend to use the above-mentioned BAdI solution which forces the system to issue FMAVC error messages referring to FM account assignments of the posting document, instead of referring to document items.



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