SAP HANA Studio: Questions and Answers

SAP HANA Studio: Questions and Answers

  1. What is SAP HANA Studio?

The SAP HANA Studio is both the central development environment and the main administration tool for SAP HANA.

  1. Where can I find more information for SAP HANA Studio?

The SAP HANA Administration Guide contains detailed information about using SAP HANA Studio. 

  1. How can I install and update SAP HANA Studio?

The SAP HANA Studio Installation and Update Guide contains details about installing and updating SAP HANA Studio.

  1. Is it possible to execute individual SQL statements with SAP HANA Studio?

You can execute individual SQL statements (e.g. taken from the SQL statement collection in SAP Note 1969700) using the SQL console of SAP HANA Studio.

It is possible to open multiple SQL consoles and run several SQL statements in parallel.

  1. Is it possible to stop an individual SQL statement started with SAP HANA Studio?

If you have started to execute a SQL statement with SAP HANA Studio and problems arise (e.g. high memory consumption), you can terminate this statement via the “Cancel operation” button in the Progress View (Windows -> Show View -> Progress).

  1. How can SQL statements in the SQL editor be formatted automatically?

You can optimize the formatting of SQL statements using the keyboard combination CTRL – SHIFT – O, e.g.:

Original statement:

Original Statement

Formatted statement:

Formatted Statement

  1. Why is SAP HANA Studio delivered with version number 2.x as of SPS 09?

As of SAP HANA SPS 09 SAP HANA Studio is delivered with version number 2.x while the SAP HANA software still has version number 1.x. This change is caused by the intension of SAP to decouple the versions of SAP HANA Studio and the SAP HANA database. It doesn’t impact the compatibility, so you can use SAP HANA Studio version 2.x in combination with SAP HANA databases 1.x.

  1. How can I resolve problems displaying the load graph?

The load graph (“Administration” -> “Performance” -> “Load”) is a useful tool to check for historic database figures like CPU consumption, memory consumption or SQL throughput, but there can be situations where it’s not working properly or the performance is slow. In this case you can access the underlying information differently (e.g. via DBACOCKPIT or SQL) or adjust the memory limit for SAP HANA Studio. See SAP Note 2222110 (“What can I do if displaying the SAP HANA Studio load graph doesn’t work?”) for more information.

  1. What can I do if memory-intensive activities in SAP HANA Studio don’t work?

If activities in SAP HANA Studio with a high memory requirement like a large PlanViz evaluation or displaying the load graph fail, the adjustment of the SAP HANA Studio memory configuration as described in SAP Note 2159510 can help. Typical errors are:

GC overhead limit exceeded (max heap: <heap> MB)
Insufficient memory for visualization

  1. What can I do if opening the overview tab in the administration console takes a long time?

Opening the overview tab in the administration console often suffers from a high amount of SAP HANA alerts. If it takes many seconds or even minutes to open the overview tab, you can check according to SAP Note 2147247 if the number of alerts in table STATISTICS_ALERTS_BASE is too high and perform a cleanup.

  1. Which SAP HANA Studio version should be used for a certain SAP HANA database?

SAP HANA Studio is downward compatible, but not upward compatible. This means that you should always use at least the SAP HANA Studio Revision that was delivered together with the SAP HANA server software in order to perform monitoring and development tasks.

In some cases a SAP HANA Studio version higher than the SAP HANA server version can also result in errors, see e.g. SAP Note 2337716. To be on the save side, you should use identical versions for SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA whenever possible.

  1. How does the SAP HANA Studio version correspond to the SAP HANA Revisions?

SAP Note 2375176 describes how SAP HANA Studio versions are mapped to SAP HANA Revisions.

  1. Are SQL statements executed synchronously or asynchronously by SAP HANA Studio?

The execution of SQL statements by SAP HANA Studio is performed asynchronously. This means that you can proceed with your work in parallel to a running SQL statement. Nevertheless there is one important restriction: The prepare of a SQL statement is done synchronously, so SAP HANA Studio is completely frozen until the prepare is finished. This is usually no problem, because a prepare is typically executed within a short time frame, but in some constellations (e.g. when columns have to be loaded or an index has to be dynamically created in delta storage during first access) it can take a significant time. Be aware that an implicit prepare is performed for every SQL statement, even if you don’t explicitly choose “Prepare Statement”.

  1. Will SAP HANA Studio be the main administration tool in the future?

Mid-term SAP HANA Studio will be replaced by SAP HANA Cockpit (SAP Note 2185556) and SAP HANA Extended Services Advanced. See SAP Note 2396214 for more information.

  1. Which SAP component covers problems with SAP HANA Studio?

SAP HANA Studio is covered by component HAN-STD-ADM-DBA (“SAP HANA Database Administration and Monitoring”), so SAP Notes and SAP incidents related to SAP HANA Studio should use this component.

  1. Can the SAP HANA SQL statement collection be imported into SAP HANA Studio?

Yes, you can import the SAP HANA SQL statement collection (SAP Note 1969700) into SAP HANA Studio. For that purpose you have to go to “Administration” -> “System Information”. With a right mouse-click you can choose the option “Import SQL Statements”. In the popup you can choose the SQL statements you have downloaded from SAP Note 1969700). As a result you will get a hierarchy based on the file names including a short description of the purpose of each command.

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