SAP PI Administration: SAP PI SLD Checks


Below are the SLD side monitoring activities in SAP XI / PI systems.

System Landscape Directory (SLD): 

We can view/maintain SLD by visiting the following URL:


From the below screen of SLD we can access the technical systems, business systems etc…


In the below screen, business Systems should be maintained for Integration Server (XI) as well as for the application System (any SAP system to which XI is communicating)

This is with reference to global settings configuration in transaction SXMB_ADM. We should also check the settings of Business system, (Role & Pipeline URL) should match to the settings mentioned in SXMB_ADM.XI Business systems ConfigurationBelow shown is the setting for Application System. Here we should select the role of system as Application system and then should connect with the related Integration Server (XI server) with which this Application system will be communicating.XI Business system with integration serverSLDAPICUST (SLD API Customizing): Connecting to the System Landscape Directory

We only require a connection to the System Landscape Directory (SLD) when we use the ABAP proxy generation or runtime.

Business systems with an Integration Engine require a connection to the SLD server to obtain their name from the SLD. The business system name is used in the header of the message sent to the Integration Server.

We have to use transaction SLDAPICUST in the business system to define the SLD access data. This data consists of the host and port of the SLD as well as a user and password (PIAPPLUSER, for example). We can use the entries that we maintained on our Integration Server.sldapicustSLDCHECK (Test SLD Connection): Testing the Connection to the System Landscape Directory

To test the connection to the System Landscape Directory call transaction SLDCHECK. The system displays a log that lists the current configuration data, the function test results, errors, and notes for checking.SLDCHCECK Test

SLDCHECK SuccessWe can see from above screen that it shows clearly everything in green and summary is shown as Connection to SLD works correctly.


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