Wrong calculation for wage type 360


When running a weekly payroll for Mexico, while updating the SDI, the wage type /360 is not calculated correctly.


Human Capital Management (HCM)
SAP ERP Core Component
SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP
SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP, version for SAP HANA


The amount of exemption over food vouchers’ (wage type /360) calculation can be seen below:

Minimum salary (table V_T7MX62)
40% of the minimum salary: minimum salary * 40% = X MXN
/360: X MXN * number of days (V_T510H) = Y MXN


Minimum salary: 80,04
40% of the minimum salary: 80,04 * 40% = 32,016 MXN
/360: 32,016 MXN * 7 = 224,112 MXN

The system does not calculate exemption for the days of the month. It only calculates exemption for the days of the period. For this reason, the amount of exemption may not be correct when the pay period is weekly.

It happens, because food vouchers are cumulated on a monthly basis for the weekly payroll.

This issue can be solved through customer rules, customizing or by programming the corresponding exit user exemptions of the IMSS.
For more information you can read KBA 2499212 – Analyzing General Payroll Issues.


/360, Exemption, Food vouchers, Weekly, V_T7MX62, V_T510H

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